Monday, May 5, 2008


Finally you can bring the fight home! Visit our website to find info on the game and download the last game you will ever need.

Are You Talking To Me?! THE GAME

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby got back

Here are the new card backs

Updated Fight Arena

Here is the newest version of the gameboard, now with color!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trying out the new features

Today we added the vehicle cards to the prototype and tested them out. The vehicle cards turned out to be very useful for the path of torture. We also tested out our game with the new multiplayer feature. Multiplayer made the game at least ten times better.

Yet More Research

After completing a little more research into similar games, we found another James Bond game the was strikingly similar in many components to our game. The games title is James Bond 007 - Das Agentenspeil, which is a German game that involves 3-6 players and created for ages 10 and up. A description of the game is provided by

"Players are secret agents who try to be the one who defeats the evil guys located on an island in the center of the board. To do this they've to arrive there with a certain (secret) combination of microfilms (every player starts with 10 microfilms in his own color - different colors can be acquired by fighting other players). Agents travel around the board rolling a die and using transportation cards to acquire equipment cards and transportation cards to fight other players. Fights are resolved by secretly choosing up to two equipment cards - better equipment (total number) wins."

The similarities predominately stem from the "transportation and equipment cards" as well as fighting other players. This was the first game we discovered that gave its players such a similar array of accessories. However, we still believe our game has a very unique concept and game play (our fight concept and missions especially), and it wouldn't be our style (tough) to have a completely equal game out there.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Research

The closest thing I can find to our unique "fight" sequences is some rules in the popular 'Castle Risk'. Ultimately they are very different as the board in 'Castle Risk' and overall strategy is a whole other animal. Nevertheless, here are the rules that are somewhat similar to our sequence and may be helpful in the developing of our game:

Castle Risk cards
-Generals: +1 to the top attacking die
-Marshals: +1 to top defending die
-Admirals: may transport or attack with armies by sea
-Diplomats: impose a truce on another player for a turn
-Spy: look at and force the discard of one of an opponent's cards

Rules to game

Here are the rules that we've developed so far: Are You Talking to Me?